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Online public administration programs at. part of earning a DPA degree online.

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The online Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) at California Baptist University Online & Professional Studies is designed to develop innovative leaders who seek to maximize impact in public and non-profit organizations. Created for the working adult, the 50 unit online DPA program, including dissertation, can be completed in three years.

The DPA degree is designed to provide students with the analytical and research skills that may be used in a variety of professional careers. While the public and the not-for-profit sectors have traditionally offered the greatest employment opportunities for DPA graduates, the degree is also highly marketable in the private sector given its analytical and research-oriented focus.

Our online Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) degree program is designed to help you advance your career and promote positive change. Learn more today.

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The three main faculties are Business, Finance, and Law. The program covers a study period of minimum three and maximum of seven years, and students can complete the DBA study program in their own native language. The program is 100% online. The tuition fees for the program are 25.000, – USD which can be paid in several installments..

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Learn what to expect from an online Ph.D. in public administration, from courses to career outlook, including public administration jobs and salaries for.

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The online program may be known by a different name, such as the Doctor of Public administration (dpa) degree program. Unlike the Ph.D. in Public Administration, which is typically a scholarly degree, the Doctor of Public Administration program is generally a practitioner-oriented program. numerous fieldwork experiences may be required for this type of program as well.

Online Doctoral Programs. Doctor of Public Administration (DPA) Online Program . The DPA Online Program is designed for working.